My last Facebook post indicated that SV3Power was not taking any orders for a little while.

After much deliberation, and for a variety of reasons, I have decided to officially close SV3Power Products. I plan to continue building parts until existing inventory is used up, and I will post here as those parts become available. The website will remain online for a time to act as a reference. However, I do not plan to take any new orders.

Thanks to all SV3Power customers for your support over the years!

The old front page :
SV3Power builds exhaust systems for the first-generation Toyota MR2.  Everything we offer is designed to make your AW11 sound and perform its best, while being as easy to install as an OEM part.
Our online presence is roughly divided into three sections:
Here at SV3Power.com:  The blog has how-to guides, new product introductions, and articles on old and new projects.  If we have something to share that isn’t strictly a product to sell, it will probably be here.  You can also visit the new Virtual Order Advisor to work out which parts will work best with your engine.
At SV3Power.com/store/:  Our web store features parts like catalytic converters and test pipes, cat-back mufflers, headers, and downpipes, as well as lots of top-quality flanges and hardware for people who want to build from scratch.  Each product is thoroughly detailed on its own page.
On Facebook: follow SV3Power to make sure you are notified when something new is posted.
Thanks for stopping by!


  • Please advise when and if you will resume production. I am looking for a quality mk1 header setup and your appears to be at the top. I am looking for this to compete in the 2018 SCCA racing season so I have some time.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the inquiry. I am not currently taking orders. My plan is to build enough parts to use up the components remaining on hand. I do not plan to take orders for anything. Instead, everything will be offered for sale as it becomes available.

      Right now, I am concentrating on other projects and have no idea what I will be able to build or when it will be available. The best thing to do is follow SV3Power on Facebook so that you will be made aware when I post parts for sale.

  • Sorry to hear you are closing. Best of luck with whatever your future holds! Your products were first rate ….

  • Hello was wondering if you have a cat back exhaust for a 1989 mk1 sc avaiable. Thank you

  • I need a stock replacement down pipe for an 89 MKI with stock 16v manifold and cat. What do you have to replace this section?

    • Hi Jim,

      At this time I don’t have a replacement for the 16V downpipe. I may resume developing that part if/when I reopen the store. Right now I am not sure whether that will happen.

  • Hi!
    Looking to get a muffler exhaust for my 87 NA, what is the main difference between the NA type and SC type exhaust? Also, I saw that it was out of stock for both, do you know when you will have them available again?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the inquiry. The NA muffler fits NA catalytic converters, and the SC muffler fits SC catalytic converters. You’ll be better off with the NA muffler on your car.

      The store is not currently accepting any new orders, and I’m not sure when we will start taking orders again. Right now I’m working on catching up with orders that have already been placed and trying to work on my own stuff for a change.

  • Jeffrey Vomacka

    July 4, 2016 at 1:58 PM

    I am considering getting headers and a downpipe for my supercharged MR2. Got the exhaust and cat and figured why not. Do I need to coat them ? I am going to ceramic coat the muffler and pipes as per your recommendation.

    • You can coat them for cosmetic appeal, but it is not required. The flanges are mild steel, so they will develop surface rust if not protected, but that does not affect durability and longevity.

      Although heat is not a big problem as many people incorrectly assume, the correct ceramic coating will also result in lower temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, I absolutely DO NOT recommend wrapping any of my products with high temp exhaust wraps. The minor benefits are more than offset by much higher chances of warpage and increase the chance of cracks and other damage.

  • Jeffrey Vomacka

    June 28, 2016 at 3:25 PM

    What’s the story behind the name SV3Power?

    • “Toyota made its SV-3 concept car public in the autumn of 1983 at the Tokyo Motor Show, gathering a huge amount of publicity both from the press and the audience. The car, scheduled to be launched in spring 1984 in the Japanese market under the name MR2 was to become the first mass-produced mid-engined car to come from a Japanese manufacturer.”

      From http://mr2wiki.com/MKI/History

  • Jeffrey Vomacka

    June 28, 2016 at 3:23 PM

    Got my exhaust and cat today and the welds look great! Can’t wait to install them and hear how they sound…

  • Do you make headers for the SC?

    • Yes! Clock the SHOP tag above to get to the store, then take a look at the Headers category. You’ll also need a downpipe to go with it. They are listed in the Downpipes category.

  • Jeffrey Vomacka

    January 22, 2016 at 2:32 PM

    I am getting ready to finish my restoration and was wondering how long from when I order my SC exhaust system I could expect to receive it?

    • Thanks for the inquiry! At this time I have quite a few orders on the docket, so I will need the two to three weeks mentioned in the online catalog to get through them. Shipping from the west coast to Florida means about a week in transit after the product is built and shipped out.

  • When do you expect to have more exhaust gaskets? I want to purchase one of your systems but need the gaskets.

    • The cats and exhaust systems come with gaskets. You don’t have to purchase them separately.

      The ceramic cat is a budget choice. The metallic ones are more robust and last longer without breaking down. The California version is the best at actually reducing emissions and will be effective for the longest time, more like an OEM cat.

  • I need one phone number i have a question?

  • hi, when will the SC cat-back exhaust be available for sale? can you give a guesstimate to when can you start building?

  • Hello,

    Are there any updates on the naturally aspirated muffler? I’m located in Maryland and can help out with testing if needed. I have a stock 1988 model with 64,000 miles and in good condition.

    Keep up the good work!

  • How much more power will your header provide on a N/A 4 age mine has a ported head / cams / cams degreed /modded ecu / lighted flywheel / I currently have a high flow cat and small glass pack muffler. Can you provide me with a total outright price for the header and downpipe. 85 MR 2
    Thanks BK

    • I haven’t yet had access to a stock MR2 and an opportunity perform testing at the same time, so I can’t quote a power figure. My plan this month is to meet up with another local AW11 owner for a test-and-tune day where we can try out the header and a few other parts on his car. When we get that done I’ll post the results.

      Prices on most of my parts will vary depending on the options you want. Try the Virtual Order Advisor (listed in the FAQ category, or click https://www.sv3power.com/?page_id=619) to determine which basic parts you need. Then visit the SV3Power store to see the price on those parts and their options. Select the options you want on each part and put the parts in your shopping cart to get your total. Use the shipping calculator to figure shipping costs.

  • Could you tell me how much do you sell for the 20V silver top AE101 O2 sensor?

  • I have a question. I’m not mechanical, so bear with me… when I got my second 1988 supercharged MR2, I felt like it was louder than my original (bought in 1988) and it didn’t seem to have the get up and go of the original. I have it in the shop now to work on the suspension (creaking from years of sitting). I also asked that they check out the exhaust as it was REALLY loud. Evidently, I have lost my muffler somewhere along the road (It was there when I bought it). I have purchased your cat back system. By doing this, can I expect an increase in engine performance. Toyota told me that the engine and supercharger were working fine, but it just doesnt seem to be the same as my original.

    The car has less than 30,000 miles on it. Handles great.

    • Thank you for the order! I can’t say for sure how different my exhaust system will be on a car that had a rusted or missing muffler, but it will certainly be an improvement. You will probably also notice that you can accelerate when you need to without having to tiptoe around all that exhaust noise. The car may not be faster, but you’ll be able to drive it faster without creating a racket.

  • Hi,
    Looking for a replacement muffler for a 1988 MR2 SC with a test pipe in place of cat. Do you have any in stock and if not what is the lead time. Would be shipped to zip code 21044. Thanks

    • I try to maintain stock of mufflers and other components. Assuming all the ingredients are on hand, build time is generally within the same two to three week range of my other products.

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